Patricia Giles

Accommodation and counselling for women and children affected by domestic violence

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The Patrica Giles Centre aims to promote the right of women and children to live free from violence by providing emotional and practical support to, and advocacy on behalf of, those experiencing family and domestic violence, and related issues.

About PGC

The Patricia Giles Centre was established in 1989 to provide accommodation and counselling services for women and children affected by domestic violence. Over the years this has expended to include additional services such as support groups and culturally specific services. This website gives a good outline of the Centre's services in the What We Do section.

From Then to Now

Among the Chosen: The Life Story of Pat Giles

Among The Chosen: The Life Story of Pat Giles by Lekkie Hopkins and Lyn Roarty published by Fremantle Press. Available from the Centre — $20 plus postage.

Pat Giles was a woman dedicated to improving the lives of the disadvantaged. As an ALP Senator and UN representative under Hawke and Keating, she entered Parliament not as raw recruit but as an experienced trade unionist, policy maker, feminist campaigner and grassroots activist. This is the story of a woman whose determination never faltered whose work ethic never flagged. It is the story of an activist working from within the established order to effect social change.